Three Ways To Better Manage Waste On Construction Projects To Cut Costs

Posted on: 22 July 2015


Costs are a major concern for any business. With construction businesses, waste can be an extra cost. Better management of waste means that you can save your business time and money. There are even some resources that you can put back into your business with good waste management policies. Here are some ways that you can reduce costs for your business with responsible waste management policies:

1. Using Containers To Keep Jobs Clean And Organized

Having trash all over a job site is not only unsightly, it can cause hazards, slow work down, and cause you to lose money. For better management of your waste, you can use containers for not only construction waste but also have small containers for domestic waste that can come from workers eating lunch and taking breaks. It is a simple way to improve your jobsite and manage waste better. This can make the work environment safer for employees and help to prevent loss of materials and problems that slow the construction process down.

2. Storing Recyclable Materials For Resource Recovery

Many different recyclable materials can be found on a construction job site. Many of these materials can be sold and the financial benefits can go back into your business to help cut costs. When you order containers for your business, consider using different containers for things like metal, concrete, plastics and other recyclable materials that can be valuable when resold as scrap. Depending on the size of your project, you can use smaller containers to separate things like different metals such as steel, copper and aluminum, which have different values when taken to the scrapyard.

3. Reusing Materials On Site For Greener Building Methods

There are also many materials that can be reused on a job site or on other projects. Wood materials can be a great way to add ground covering to the landscaping of a project. There are services that can come and chip wood scrap for you. If you reuse wood scraps for landscaping, you will also want to have them treated for insects by a pest control service to prevent termites and other pests from attacking your completed project. Other useable materials can be transported to the next project to be used.

These are some ways that you can reduce costs for your business with responsible waste management. If you need help getting started with better waste manage, contact a dumpster rental service such as Michael's Rolloff Solutions to get the help you need.