Avoid Disgruntled Neighbors During Home Renovation Projects

Posted on: 25 March 2016


Big home renovations can cause all kinds of problems. When you live in close proximity to others, you could find yourself at war with a neighbor that has been a friend or remained silent during the years that you have lived in your home. If you are planning a big renovation project, take a few minutes to read through the tips below to help maintain the peace as your project is completed.

Talk to Your Neighbors

Before the construction begins, talk with your neighbors about your plans. Work together to find a time of day in which it would be less convenient for the construction to begin. You don't want to anger the neighbors by starting construction at the crack of dawn or as they sit down for family dinner. Once decent times have been established, be sure to keep to the schedule and contact them if there is a need for an early start or a late end.

Dumpster Rental

If your renovation requires the removal of a lot of old materials, you should rent a construction dumpster. This dumpster can be dropped off in your driveway and kept until your project is complete. This will help to avoid piles of scrap laying around waiting for the project to be completed before being hauled away.

If the project will take several weeks or even months to complete, consider purchasing a few fence panels to put up to hide the dumpster. You can usually pick used fence panels up for a fair price by searching local classifieds. Fencing panels and some hinges are all that you need to surround the ugly dumpster and keep the unsightliness to a minimum.

Protect the Neighboring Properties

If some of the construction work includes exterior work, be sure to do your best to protect the neighboring properties. Offer tarps to cover plants and gardens during the project. Cover the surrounding grass with tarps to prevent nails and other debris from falling into their lawns and just do what you can do keep the mess from spreading from your property to theirs.

Each night before you turn in, take a few minutes to walk through the neighboring properties to pick up any debris that has made its way onto the property. The better you keep up with the mess, the less likely your neighbors will be to become disgruntled about what is going on.

Thinking things through and being considerate will help make this renovation project much easier for you and those who live around you. For more information, contact a company like USA Hauling Service.