Organize And Clean The Outdoor Area You Use To Store Waste At Your Business

Posted on: 20 May 2016


If you own a small business and the outdoor area that you use to store trash and recycled materials looks messy because of items that have been tossed haphazardly on the ground, use the following tips to clean up the area and keep it organized. As a result, your property will have an improved appearance and you will be able to get rid of unwanted items in an orderly fashion.

Rent Waste Containers And Label Them

Consider dumpster rental to store garbage bags and large materials that cannot be recycled and trash cans to store loose waste materials and items that can be recycled. When the containers are dropped off, direct the waste removal company as to where you would like each one placed. Consider placing them near the back doorway to your business so that you and your employees will not need to walk far to throw away trash.

Create signs on pieces of card stock that list specific items that are to be placed in the containers. Laminate the signs and secure them to the outside of each waste container.

Sort And Transport Trash In Bulk At Regularly Scheduled Times

If there are specific times each week where you and your employees encounter large amounts of trash, such as after deliveries are made, set aside a block of time to sort through the materials, rinse them off, or bag them before taking them outdoors. If you own a large cart with wheels, it can be used to transport waste items that have been sorted so that multiple trips do not need to be completed.

Once you and your employees get used to completing this task on a regular basis, you will prevent any disruptions from the workflow that is occurring at your business during other times of the week.

Scrub And Rinse The Ground After Trash Is Picked Up

After your trash and recyclable materials are picked up by a garbage removal business, clean the ground with soapy water and a scrub brush to remove any residue that spilled out of the containers while they were being moved. Once the ground is clean, rinse it off with a steady stream of water. When the empty containers are placed back on the dry ground, begin filling them up again without needing to worry about the area surrounding them smelling unpleasant or having an unkempt appearance.

As long as you and your employees continue using all of the tips regularly, the outdoor area will remain clean and organized.