Tips For Clearing Out Your Deceased Parent's Garage

Posted on: 29 March 2017


If your parent has passed away and you are tasked with cleaning out the giant pile of stuff in their garage, then these tips will help make the process easier:

Tip: Make Arrangements to Have a Dumpster Delivered

Before you start to clean out the garage, do yourself a big favor and rent a dumpster. Have the dumpster rental dropped at the end of the driveway so that it is easily accessible. When you order the dumpster from your local trash company, ask them what is allowed to be placed into the dumpster and where to dispose of things that are disallowed. For example, you may find tires, household chemicals, and paint that need to be taken somewhere for safe disposal rather than be placed in the dumpster. 

Tip: Call a Local Charity to Pick Up Donation Items

In most areas of the country, there are charitable organizations that will pick up donations of many different types. For example, if you find an old junker car in your parent's garage, you can have a charity come pick it up. This will give your parent's estate a tax deduction and will get the car out of your hair without any effort on your part. 

If the garage has lots of clothing and household items, you can have a local thrift store come out and haul off all of those items. 

Tip: Find a Local Used Sporting Goods Store

If your parent's garage has lots of sporting equipment that has been stored unused for years and you have no intentions of ever using the items, then you should locate a used sporting goods store in your area. These stores will purchase your unwanted items and resell them so others can get some use out of them. Even if you do not make a lot of money off of the process, this is still an excellent way to recycle unwanted sporting goods and give them a new life. 

Tip: Place Free Items at the Curb and Place an Advertisement for Them on Craigslist or a Local Social Media Group

Finally, since it is very likely that you will find many large items in your deceased parent's garage that still have some life in them and that you don't want to haul off to the landfill, then you can place them on the curb. Put a "free" sign on the items and then place a free advertisement on your local Craigslist or other local social media group letting people know the item is there and is free to the first person who comes and hauls it off. This tactic keeps you from having to wait around for people who may or may not show up to retrieve items.